How to make a call and send an SMS?

It is possible to make a call/send an SMS to the Setera contacts, as well as to the external users.

1. How to make a call to External Users?

  • Click on Search Space (written as: Search contacts or type numbers)
  • Type the number you want to call/ send SMS
  • Click on call button to make a call
  • Click on SMS button to send SMS


2) How to make a call to Internal User/Contacts?

There is a list of icons in the left side of the softphone.  The first icon shows the list of contacts. This will also appear as a homepage of your softphone in Standard and Attendant view.

  •  Click on the contact icon    and find the contact that you want to call/send SMS/chat from the list
  • Click on call button  on the right side to make a call
  • Click on SMS button  to send SMS
  • Click on Chat button to start instant messaging.

(Note: Chat is possible only with the contacts on your contact list)