Setera OneCloud for Android

Due to the nature of Android phones being manufactured by many vendors, with variations in the integration of the OS, it is not possible to give a complete statement of which mobile phones are fully compatible.

Compatible operating systems

The latest released Setera OneCloud for Android app is compatible with the three latest released Android versions.

Setera OneCloud

Stera oneCloud for Android, extends voice and unified communications applications to your Android devices and integrates with 

your PBX to enable VoIP and cellular calling. This app enables you to use your own mobile device for both business and personal

 phone calls. 

Overview of Setera OneCloud Mobile App.

Setera OneCloud Mobile App. for Android,  gives you the power of Setera OneCloud Mobile App. on your mobile device. 

You can make enterprise VoIP calls over your enterprise Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi, or cellular data network. 

If you decide to leave your office in the middle of a call, you can easily switch from Wi-Fi to your cellular voice network while the 

call continues. If you're on a call when you return to the office, you can switch back from cellular to Wi-Fi. You can join conference 

calls, MiTeam meetings at the tap of a button and also find contact information for everyone in your organisation's system 


Before You Begin

Before you install the Connect for Android app, ensure that you have the following prerequisites in place:

  • Access to a Wi-Fi data connection, and credentials to access the Wi-Fi network

  • An active SIM card inserted in your mobile device (for GSM devices only)
  • User name and password for the Connect for Android app.

  • Time, date, and time zone settings set on your mobile device

Setera OneCloud for iOS (iPhone)

Compatible operating systems

The latest released Setera OneCloud for iOS app is compatible with the two latest released iOS versions.