Welcome to use Setera Advanced Reporting Portal!


1. Login in https://reports.setera.com

Choose your language, if you need to reset your password, you can do it from "Have you forgotten your password?" link

Do you need help? You can anytime click the "Help icon", when new window will pop-up, where you can find more details about parameter.

2. Report Parameters and creating the report

  • Choose Advanced Reporting
  • Choose time range (date and time) that you want to see in report
  • Choose report type
    • User id: Report from users
    • ACD / Attendant group: Report from ACD or Attendant group numbers
    • ACD / Attendant groups - Sources: Report from ACD or Attendant group numbers, that also show source from where call has arrived to this group
    • Hunt Group: Basic level group reports
    • Rulebase: Rulebase number reports
    • IVR: Report from IVR numbers
    • IVR - Transferred to: Report from IVR number that also show if the call has connected to desired option.
    • Organization: Report that combines user level report and group or function number reports, shows total call amount to all numbers
    • External systems: If your organization has some external systems connected to reporting system.
  • When you have selected your parameters, proceed to choose Report Targets

  • Choose users or group numbers that you want to include in report
  • Choose Execute Report

3. Processing of the Report

  • System will return report based on your parameters

3.0 Grouping

  • You can choose Grouping from the top menu

3.1 Columns

  • Choose visible columns from Columns tab

3.2 Visualizations

  •  You can enhance the visualization of your report from the Visualizations tab

3.3 Save report - Automatically send the report as excel file to an email

  • You can save report, that will automatically sends an excel file to your e-mail for example every month.
  • Enable this from Save Reporttab and select desired parameters:
    • Make sure that service is Enabled
    • Give Name (Description) that describe what kind of report this is
    • Choose receivers, e-mail addresses that will receive this report
    • Choose when it should be sent, for example every last day of the month at 12:00
    • Choose what is should contain, time period of the report, for example Previous Month
    • Choose Grouping options
    • And choose details for grouping or specifications
  • Click Save

  • It will open this saved report in Saved Reports view, where you can check the settings
  • You can come back to here anytime, to edit settings or Disable or Delete this automation
  • You can also create connectors for some other services, like Power Bi

3.4 Export Report - Manual export as Excel file

  • You can export one single report as Excel or CSV file
  • Choose desired charts and grouping options
  • Save as file or send as an e-mail

3.5 Detailed Call Log - Specifications

  • If you need to check detailed call log from your organization extensions / users, you can open call log from Specifications tab -> Calls

  • You can Filter results for example by Caller or Called numbers or by Answered or Unanswered etc.
  • You can also export this as Excel file from Export tab

4. Dashboards

  • Dashboard is live portal for reporting, based on predefined report types.
  • For example, you can create an live view for report types like ACD Group reporting and User reporting for same view
  • From Dashboard, you can see all the necessary information in one view, without creating report from scratch
  • You can also add other content, like Clock, iFrame content or YouTube videos etc..
  • You can also modify your visualization, change backround etc..

4.1 Creating a new dashboard

  • Go to Dashboard list
  • Select Create New

  • Give name for the Dashboard
  • Select "Set as My Dashboard" if you want that to be Default dashboard

  • Add content (new widget)

  • Select desired report type or other content
  • Select Content type, for example "Callboard" is a combined report for all types
  • Select layout as Table

  • Choose columns
  • Choose order by option
  • Choose period that widget should show, for example "Current Month"
  • Choose objects, in this case ACD groups
  • Then add widget to Dashboard from "Add widget to new layout row"

  • You can edit Widget options, size and location from "Pen Icon"

  • You can "Use all available space" or "Free placement" for adjust widget size on the dashboard
  • Save Changes

  • Edit Appearance settings from Options -> Appearance settings

  • You can use your own backround picture or use predefined image, or from internet
  • Save and Open

  • You can also access Dashboards directly from your Start screen -> Commonly Used


If you don't see access to Dashboard, you may not have this feature enabled for your organization.

In that case, please contact Setera Support / support@setera.com