These are the instructions to register a new device or a replacement device in a RFP DECT system

Step 1: Power up the DECT handset

Step 2: Select Language and Save

Step 3: Type Subscription Authorization code (22222) and Next

Step 4: Click Ok

Step 5: Hanset subscribes to antenna

Step 6: Login user to system

How to login as user to DECT phone          



When you need to login your user/extension to DECT basestation / RFP, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold ”>>>” menu key until the System menu appears.
  2. Select Administration and press OK.
  3. Select User login and press OK.
  4. Input the user alias (or the short number) as a number and press OK.
  5. Input the user’s PIN code as password and press OK.
  6. Once the user name has appeared to the display, the handset is ready to use.

If you don't know your login number and PIN-Code, please contact you IT-Support or Setera Customer Service,