In this guide, we go through how to setup Teams trunk for OneCloud organization.


1. Create Enterprise SIP-Trunk from Organization -> Enterprise SIP Trunks

  • Set Session limits for concurrent calls based on sold channels
  • Add trunk name "Teams"
  • Gateway: Interconnect node
  • Trunk Group:
  • Enable Remote Forking
  • Set Session limits for all concurrent calls based on sold channels again in this setup
  • Add teams tenant domain in Trunk Identification
  • Enable Number ranges that are related to this Teams trunk
  • Number Screening: Allow Any
  • Number Screening for diverted trunk: Allow Any
  • Never treat P-Asserted-Identity as Diversion (PAI is always caller identity)    
  • Allow all codecs
  • Inbound destination rewrites: Add rules based on country and outbound route
  • Inbound destination rewrites: Remove diversion info
  • Outbound diversion rewrites: Remove diversion info

After you have saved the configuration, remember to Activate Trunk!

Example trunk settings from Setera Demo organization in Finland

2. Enable Teams trunk as integration from Services -> External telephony system integration

3. Enable Telephony Integration for user, under User Administration -> Users -> Select user

  • Set user Primary Line number as User Identifier