Please note:

You will need to have a organization admin rights to be able to configure Voice Prompts
You will need to have a organization admin or schedule admin rights to configure Schedules



1. Login to management portal

2. To add new voice prompt (if needed) go to Organization -> Voice Prompts

2.1 Record or Import new voice prompt

  • You can record the prompt by having system to call internal user who will record the prompt, or you can import .wav file

If you want to record the file:

  • Select the extension/user to whom the system will call to record the call by clicking on "Record the file" and select the user name from the dropdown menu that will appear when you select "Pick" 
  •  Click on "Initiaze Call" whereby the system will call the selected person, when the call is answered the system will say "Start Recording After Beep" whereby after the BEEB tone you can start recording.
  • When you are done, you can disconnect the call and the recording will appear in the list.
  • If you need to re-record, you can first delete the old message the red tick after the message and start again.

3. Configuring Schedules

Go to Function numbers -> Schedules and select Function number that you want to edit

3.1 Adding new Schedule Event

Open Function number that you want to edit by clicking the name.

The system follows a schedule prioritisation scheme, so that the first priority open hours, e.g. an special open hours, are always on top. After that come the normal opening hours, e.g. weekdays Mon-Fri 9-17 and always at the bottom is what should happen when the night mode is on and the business is closed. 

Add new Schedule Event by clicking the "Add new schedule event"


Enter the details of the scheduled event, i.e. the name, and if you want to add a recurring event, e.g. every year at Christmas on the same dates, you can repeat it "Every year".

  • Enter a start and end date and time for the event
  • Select from the dropdown menu the Voice prompt you want to play, or you can use the system default messages, e.g. "Ooo Greeting = Out Of Office greeting" which repeats in English "The person you are trying to reach is out of the office"

You can also listen to the prompt from the Play button.

Select Action, i.e. the options may be:

  • Closed, which disconnects the call after the announcement
  • Forward to the desired destination, e.g. to voicemail for a call request
  • Open, which transfers the call to members of the group, or to a business number as normal

Finally, press Save

A new exception event should be moved to the top, you can change the priority by clicking the three lines icon and holding down the mouse and moving the event here.

If you need more help, please contact or +358 20 1500 800